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Our honest, affordable pricing, with no surprises.

If you are uninsured or do not have coverage through your insurer, we offer the following reduced cash prices.

Chiropractic Care Pricing


Adults Care Package
Exam and Consultation
Therapy or Modalities
X-Rays *1 series if indicated
$65 (on-going)

$110 (1st Visit)

Kids Care Package
Exam and Consultation
Therapy Modalities*
$45 (on-going)

$75 (1st Visit)

$85 – New Patient
$65 – On-Going Patient
$50 – Acupuncture* (Needling Only)
$50 – Cupping Only*
$15 – Consultation Only
Herbal Supplement Varies by Brands and Forms
*Existing Patients Only


Massage Therapy and Individual Care Pricing


Massage Therapy

All sessions can be tailored to your whole body or areas you need, with the pressure you like!

$45 – 30 Minute Session
$65 – 1 Hour Session
$80 – 75 Minute Session
$95 – 90 Minute Session
$125 – 2 Hour Session
$120 – Hot Stone Massage (90 minutes)
+$5 – Aromatherapy Upgrade
+$5 – Heat Upgrade
+$8 – Aromatherapy & Heat Upgrade
+$10 – Pregnancy Upgrade
+$15 – Deep Muscle Therapy
Intensive Care for Hands and Feet

Pure Shea Butter and Paraffin Wax treatment to provide extreme moisturizing and cellular restoration for your skin

$25 – Hands
$30 – Feet
$50 – Both
With its high essential acids and natural antioxident compounds. Shea Butter provides extreme moisturizing capabilities as well as cellular restoration. The heat provided by the Paraffin Wax treatment increases the skin’s ciculation and opens pores, allowing the moisturizer’s and lubricants to penetrate and soften the skin.
Individual Services

Your insurance may cover a portion or all of these services.

$40* – Chiropractic Adjustment (See Below)
$300 – $350 – Custom Foot Orthotics
$60 – $130 – X-Rays
$20 – Sports Physicals ($30 if same day)
$100 – SS/Disability Exam
$20 – Body Fat Testing
$20 – PT Modalities (each)
$20 – Sports/Kinesio Taping (each area)


Nutrition Pricing


Hair Analysis
$125 (existing patient)

$150 (one-time)

Nutrition Consult
Sports Injury Care/Rehab
Injury Assessment
Therapy / Rehab Session
Proprioceptive Taping *if indicated


*Individual Services Conditions

If you have sustained a new injury since your last office visit which requires re-evaluation or you have not been to our clinic in 3 months or longer you’ll be priced at the “On-Going Patient” rate ($60) for your initial visit. You’ll receive normal Individual Service rates for each visit after that.

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